Counting Backwards is a new series of text-sound-performance events. It takes place on the first Thursday of alternate months. Counting Backwards takes place at Fuel cafe bar in Withington. The first event is on Thursday 3 June 2010.

Counting Backwards #4 reviewed

From The Other Room, a review of the night by Tom Jenks.

Follow the link or see ‘Counting Backwards #4 elsewhere’ in the menu for the full text.

In a short space of time, Counting Backwards has opened and occupied an important space, a place where different disciplines can meet, inform and impact upon one another, creating hybrids and mutations that step off the slab and into the night like beautiful monsters. Tonight was no different, incorporating poetry, electronic collage and radical interaction with instruments. Imagine these elements as transparent colours, each overlaid and suffused with light to make new shades and you are some of the way towards what an evening at Counting Backwards feels like.


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