Counting Backwards is a new series of text-sound-performance events. It takes place on the first Thursday of alternate months. Counting Backwards takes place at Fuel cafe bar in Withington. The first event is on Thursday 3 June 2010.

Preview of Counting Backwards #4 performer Graham Dunning

Graham Dunning is an artist in sound and visual media. His practice deals with temporality, memory and narrative.

Graham’s work draws on photographs, sound recordings or objects, and the function of archiving. His recent residency at The Rea Garden in Birmingham took the form of a pseudo-archaeological investigation into the site’s former life as a record plant.

Graham’s performances explore the relationship between sound and music with rhythmical elements and drone, repetition and variation. These make use of modified turntables, altered and adapted records, field recordings pressed to dubplates and self-built electronics. Other objects are also used as sound sources on the turntables using the stylus as a primitive pick-up


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