Counting Backwards is a new series of text-sound-performance events. It takes place on the first Thursday of alternate months. Counting Backwards takes place at Fuel cafe bar in Withington. The first event is on Thursday 3 June 2010.

this work im doin I don’t kno what it is

Via Philip Davenport

Philip Davenport’s most recent project is now at the Henry Moore Institute library in Leeds from Tuesday 27 April – Monday 7 June.

On Wednesday 5 May he will be ‘reader in residence’ in the library

From the mailing:

this work im doin I don’t kno what it is

Visual poet Philip Davenport’s most recent project, debuts at Henry Moore Institute library 27 April-7 June. These are poems written into spreadsheets, presenting moral dilemmas as accountancy – war crimes, celebrity, or the simple act of shopping become a tangle of questions. The spreadsheets are accompanied by 3D objects. So, dozens of broken eggshells become symbols for smashed skulls; a poem inscribed within the fragments. From these broken pieces of information, Davenport rebuilds delicate, intuited meanings…

Images and downloads at

On 5 May Philip Davenport will be a ‘reader in residence’ in the library – looking at work from the Institute’s Special Collections and pleased to answer any enquiries regarding his work.

Henry Moore Institute, The Headrow, Leeds LS1 3AH, UK

Open Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5.30pm, and Wednesday from 10am to 9pm


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Counting Backwards launch event 3 June

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Text Festival call for submissions

Via Tony Trehy

Now this is something I’d highly recommend you make the effort to attend. The Text Festival last year in Bury was one of the highlights of 2009.

Additionally if you think you have a strong enough idea that you’re capable of delivering then there’s an open call, and four projected themes:

The third international Text Festival in Bury, Manchester, UK, will open on 29 April 2011.

Project proposals and submissions are invited – in any artform (sound, media, poetry, visual art, etc) using language in innovative ways. As I have mentioned over the last few months the shape of the next festival has been forming, with some great things in place already. There are more venues and new approaches. In addition to the open call, you can submit ideas in response to 4 projected exhibition themes:

3.Visual Poetry
4.Artists’ Books

Electronic submission (preferred) to

or by mail to

Text Festival
Bury Art Gallery
Moss St

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Sonic Warfare: The Politics of Frequency

Via The Wire.

If you’re in London on election day, Thursday 6 May, head down to Cafe OTO for 8pm. £4 will get you in to the second in a new series of salon-type events hosted by The Wire magazine.

The Wire Salon: Sonic Warfare: The Politics of Frequency features Ken Hollings (Welcome To MarsDestroy All Monsters) and Steve Goodman (Kode9, Hyperdub), author of Sonic Warfare. They will discuss the uses and abuses of sound and noise in policing the urban environment, by the military-industrial complex, in the era of the soundclash, and beyond.

You’re also promised related films, DJs and other participants TBA

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Lost Language

Lost Language

Kraak, off Stevenson Square, Manchester, 2-23 April except Sundays

Featuring experimental emerging artists from Manchester and London predominantly working in sound, installation, live art and video.

Helen Shanahan

Jennifer McDonald

Graham Dunning

Gary Fisher

Kate Hughes

Lucy Campbell

Debbie Sharp

Andrew Locke

Rebecca Taylor

Matt Dalby

Louise Woodcock

Curated by Louise Woodcock.

Workshops and performances will be held on 17 April with artists including Matt Dalby, Graham Dunning, Gary Fisher and Helen Shanahan.

Details here.

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Via Openned


Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 22-25 April 2010

A convocation of unorthodox poetic and cultural practices featuring an array of cutting edge diversity in respect of poetry and performances of poetry; papers, live writing, poets theater, sound art, talk-based poetics, extended vocal performance, physical theater and digital text collaboration, polylingualism, lyric meditations, translation, poetry readings, writing interventions, sound poetry, visual poetry, eco-poetics, text-based installation, bookateria, late night readings, multimedia and a lot more besides that.

Details here.

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Noise, sound and art later in the year

Advance warning of four events in the second half of the year you may want to clear your diary for.

“Bigger than Words, Wider than Pictures”: Noise, Affect, Politics

University of Salford, July 1-3 2010

This conference seeks to address the contemporary phenomenon of noise in all its dimensions: cultural, political, territorial, philosophical, physiological, subversive and military, and as anomalous to sound, speech, musicality and information.

Details here.


Cork, Ireland, 14-18 July 2010

Established 1997. Details here.

Colour Out Of Space

Three days of unstructured, experimental sound and art in Brighton. October/November.

Details here.

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Huddersfield, 19-28 November 2010

The UK’s largest international festival of new and experimental music.

Details here.

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Counting Backwards takes as it’s starting point contemporary text-sound practices that question semantics and received traditions and emphasise performability.

The focus is on the exploration of new or unconventional techniques.

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Richard Barrett. Matt Dalby. Gary Fisher.

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